Confirmation email for online cancellations


Hi there!

I raised this in a help chat and was asked to raise it here too.
One of the questions I got most from our clients is if their online cancellation has been done properly although it shows on their screen that the cancellation has been succesful. They don’t get a confirmation email when they cancel, but they do when we create them or reschedule them. So they get confused. Is there any way you could build this cancellation confirmation email into Cliniko?



Hi @ngriffioen, through not only you can automate the confirmation, but also for rescheduling them we have created a feature called Hyper-Recall. It is a booking mechanism that doesn’t ask any questions from your patient other than the time they want to reschedule. Usually all online booking mechanisms at least ask patient’s first name or last name. The sms that is being sent to your patient already knows who the patient is and how you want to reschedule them. You can set the appointment type, practitioner and location to use their last, or any other that you wish.



I totally agree with Nienke here.
A cancellation email for the client is almost as important as a rescheduled appointment email!

Hootan, you didn’t answer the question?



Yes we would like to see this feature, currently only practitioners get the cancellation email. We get phone calls every day requesting confirmation that the cancellation happened- especially as we have a 24 hour notice policy. Surely this would be an easy feature to add in?