Color code appointment book and searching for next avail slot by appointment type

Hi Cliniko team

I used to use a software that did 2 keys things:

  1. Color code appt blocks to indicate dedicated spots for certain type of appts. This was useful as we see lots children and try and save spots for say before and after school for them. So it was quick way for the receptionist to scroll in the book looking for these specific spots, keeping the book tidy and structured.

  2. By color coding, but also integrating a quick search function the receptionist was able to search for the next available appointments dates and times for a particular type of appointment (e.g. an exam or review or treatment) that she could offer to the patient. Took about 30 seconds to book someone in. Saved so much time for them on the phone or managing people at front desk esp when it was peak time and people are just lining up.

At the moment, our workaround is a color coded template printed page and taped to front desk so receptionist knows when to book specific types of appt. and the poor receptionists have to keep jumping their eyes back and forth as the structure of our booking system may change between days and practitioners. Very messy and clumsy.

Anyone think this would be useful features?

I think these would be 2 awesome feature even if we started with first feature which i would have thought is not too hard!:wink:

Thanks Cliniko team! U guys are awesome!!!


Very useful feature request as more clinics are tending to block book appointment types. ie all new appointments at an allocated time slot.

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