Collecting Marketing Opt-in and method

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With the rise of systems like Finger-ink and Cliniq apps that can sync patient information forms directly into cliniko I think it would be useful for cliniko to be able to collect marketing opt-in info with the preferred method.

This would allow patients arriving at the clinic to either opt-in/out as part of their registration process. Also, and more importantly I can manage my patient lists in mail-chimp far more easily. With the export info… or ideally something mailchimp can recognise and automatically add them to the standard mailing list.

Glory to automation! More time to run a business!


That is interesting but I don’t think it would be a pyroity for them to push something like this when like any app update is continually being updated and patched to project data and users.

it’s a nice dream. Idea maybe one day.they could do it. when they gotten everything else working well for the normal group. then again if they did that they wouldn’t need apps to help them automate it would be done internally.

I’m a confused here… I don’t think I’m dreaming to be asking for a simple function.

This function already exists… e.g. Medicare number… it’s already collected in cliniko and already used by finger ink. I can collect a patient’s Medicare number already.

All I need is a section on Marketing and the patients preferred method. This easily solves the gdpr work arounds I have at the mo.

The current setup of “opt-in to sms marketing” isn’t useful. All my marketing is down via email. Texts are interrupting.

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I have also been struggling with this.

We collect email marketing opt-in in our consent form using finger ink and use the mailchimp integration.

Cliniko should record the marketing opt-in in the client record and then flow into mailchimp along with the rest of the fields it pushes through. This doesn’t seem like a big ask. .

Currently we need a separate manual step to review each consent form and then manually update cliniko, which is time consuming and prone to error.

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YES! We do the same and I have just figured this seems to be the only way around it! Please figure a way out for this niggle Cliniko!

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