Closing loophole when changing Appointment Type

My wife is a family therapist in private practice. Her services do not attract a Medicare or private health fund rebate. Therefore there is no real need to issue invoices or receipts.
Cliniko is setup for telehealth and on-premises appointments. If a client makes a telehealth appointment they must prepay via Stripe. This is a great feature. However, there is a loophole in this functionality which has the potential to cost the practice many thousands of dollars. Clients inevitably request changing (typically via text or email) an on-premises appointment to a telehealth appointment. In Cliniko this is easily done manually by changing the appointment type to the telehealth appointment. Hence the client now has a telehealth appointment without having prepaid via Stripe.
When the appointment happens, the client is not onsite and therefore cannot pay via credit card. My wife may not be in her office and have the merchant device to take an over the phone credit card payment, but regardless does not want to take the client’s credit card details for privacy reasons. Instead she requests a bank transfer. History has shown that clients don’t reliably make the transfers.
This now requires a reconciliation of a data export from Cliniko with a data export from the bank. This process is very time consuming and is followed by a collections problem… issuing of invoices which then requires more monitoring and further reconciliation.
This is just one suggestion, but I am sure the brains trust at Cliniko may find a more elegant solution.
When the appointment type is changed from an on-premises appointment to a telehealth appointment, if Cliniko is configured for prepayments for the telehealth appointment then it sends a link to a Stripe invoice that takes the prepayment.
Better still it would be great if the client gets an email which says that the appointment is pending and will be cancelled if the Stripe payment is not made within 24 hours. Perhaps this may be a complexity level too far for Cliniko? This does not guarantee that the Stripe payment will be made, but it does make it easy for the clients and it is ‘in their face’.
There may be other approaches, but the drivers are:
a) Receive payment
b) Eliminate reconciliation


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We are just getting going with Cliniko - so we haven’t tried remote appointments yet through Cliniko - we are still using Zoom. Just wanted to point out that we don’t want to charge someone prior to a video consult - we will invoice their organization later - so maybe best to have a setting that says Pre-Pay video consult Y/N?

Perhaps I didn’t explain it well. The case where the user books and prepays for a telehealth appointment works well.
The problem is when they book a face-to-face appointment (where they pay in parson by credit card) and subsequently request a switch (via text or email typically) to telehealth where they are not able to pay in person via credit card. This is the exception for me, where I need to chase up collection.