😍 Cliniq Apps [ Check-in / Walk-in ] Kiosk is launched

Introducing [ Check-in / Walk-in ] Kiosk

  • Automatically adapts to your reception desk behaviour. No more concern if you have got their DOB or not :wink:
  • Adapts to your branding
  • Adapts to your Appointment Types
  • Adapts to your Locations
  • It knows if a patient has filled your ‘Intake Form’ or not
  • It automatically asks for filling intake forms
  • Patients can choose to fill the form while standing at kiosk or send it as an email or SMS to themselves and fill it on their phone in your waiting room.
  • Designed to ask minimum questions
  • After check-in / booking you can choose to use an image or a video for greeting your patient
  • Dynamic texts
  • (spoiler) -> Face recognition coming soon :bearded_person:


Enjoy Growing Your Practice :rocket: