Cliniko / xero intergration

How do you manage the following situation
10 treatments purchased at once say $500
Funds received in bank.
Only one invoice for $50.00 (the first treatment) is transferred to Xero.
How do I get the remaining $450 into xero without duplicating in Cliniko or removing the future appointments
thanks for all suggestions.

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Hey there!

Unfortunately there won’t be a way to get those further payments over to Xero automatically. It’s not something that our integration supports, sorry!

For bulk purchases like that, your only option will be to manually create those payments in Xero after the invoice has been synced.

We do hope to address this in the future though!

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Thanks for the update @jim - do you have any ETA on when Cliniko will support 2 way sync and support for credit notes / overpayments to Xero?

Since we don’t like to carry a cash float (to avoid robbery) many of our families often round up to the nearest $100 and leave credit for next appointment so they can pay a little less next time.

We definitely can understand it’s nice for patients to prepay for a session but for us our reception staff have to remember to notify the account manager so they can add a manual payment / credit note in Xero.

No ETA’s I’m afraid @joshdcam. Sorry!

We don’t have any near-future plans for a 2-way sync at all, so that will likely be some time before we could look at. We do hope to better support pre-payments and account credit, but it’s unfortunately going to take some bigger changes to Cliniko. So while that will definitely happen before a 2-way sync, I still couldn’t say how far away it might be.