Cliniko / Xero integration


We are considering integrating Cliniko with Xero and I have a few questions that I can’t otherwise find the answers to - it’s difficult to figure out how it all works without being able to test it out/demo it first. If anyone can help I’d be so grateful!

  • When Cliniko invoices get pushed to Xero, do the bank feed entries automatically get reconcile against the correct invoice or is that a manual task? We may take 200 payments in a day so I’m wondering if we have to reconcile them all in Xero once the Cliniko invoices have been automatically pushed across?
  • What are the greatest benefits of having the integration? We don’t necessarily need the invoices in Xero if we have them in Cliniko and if the reconciliation isn’t automatic there isn’t any time saved there. I’m trying to make sure there isn’t too much doubling up of workload.
  • Am I right in thinking that if a patient pays by bank transfer the money will be in the bank, hence show up in the Xero bank feed but will need to be manually entered into Cliniko? If so, does that create problems when the payment is pushed across to Xero?


Cliniko invoices send to Xero individually but you create “clearing accounts” for the payments.

When you enter a payment into Cliniko, that payment goes to that clearing account. A clearing account may have $500 HICAPs payments for 1 day.

The bank feed will receive the $500 HICAPs payment for the day, you send it to that clearing account rendering it 0. If it doesn’t match then it means a payment has been entered incorrectly.

You cant match the individual invoices as each payment isn’t received individually.