Cliniko/Xero Integration service

Hi All
We are heading down the path of Cliniko/Xero integration and already I feel I have spent a lot of time reading about it that could be better spent seeing patients or working on getting more patients into the clinic!
Has anyone used a person or business to set it up for them. I feels to me that it would be a good investment, but I also think we need someone who understands both Xero and Cliniko.
There is a QLD accounting firm that has been mentioned by Cliniko who I will touch base with but would appreciate input from any other clinicians/ business owners on this.

Cheers, Damian

Hi Damon, please call or SMS me, if you are interested, on 0416 286 477 and I will discuss my experience with a bookkeeper based in Brisbane. Regards Jon


more a question than a reply… and please hand ball me to a separate new question:slightly_smiling_face: given your investigations re Xero… but do you know if a separate business within clinic can just integrate with Xero ? ie I own the premises and lease to allied health practices. One would like to do its books with Xero and integrate by itself. Is this possible??

thanks Lavo