Cliniko This Week - Zombie Lord Title Returns!


Custom Titles are now here :raised_hands:! That’s right, whether you have a Princess :crown: or even Zombie Lord :zombie: you can add ANY Title within Cliniko. I’ll be showing off how as well as all the changes that were released this week.

Those include fixes for the Waitlist, Treatment Note save button, and Appointment Logs for Group Appointments. As well as an update to the Referring Doctor field.

Video Transcript:
Oh hello there, Cliniko Family and Friends! It’s your pal Rachel from Cliniko Support and as always I’m about to share the knowledge of what went down in Cliniko This Week! Including news, updates, changes, and more.

This past week we’ve released the ability to create custom Titles, we’ve released some fixes related to the WaitList, saving Treatment Notes, and Group Appointment Logs. Finally, we’ve reverted a change to the Referring Doctor field.

What does this all mean? Well, you’re about to find out in Cliniko This Week!

First, let’s discuss the new custom titles feature! A few weeks ago I announced our precious Zombie Lord Title was retiring. But…. ZOMBIE LORD IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! In fact, ANY title you’re looking to add to Cliniko is now possible!

To add a custom title to a Patient, Client, Contact, Practitioners, etc. head to their file and within the Title drop-down, select “Other”. You’ll then be able to insert the necessary Title.

Just note, these Titles can be seen in various places, including Invoices and Treatment Notes so use your new power wisely.

Speaking of power, we’ve returned the ability to add ANY Contact as a Referring Doctor. Previously, you could only add a Referring Doctor if the Contact was also set as a “Doctor”. Which means if they weren’t already set as a Doctor, you would have to edit the Contact, set them to Doctor, then go back to the Patient’s file so the Contact could then be added.

This was a bit of a nightmare for some clinics! So you no longer have to edit any Contacts to have them appear, you can simply add ANY Contact as a Referring Doctor again.

Next up, we’ve released some fixes! For the WaitList, if you add a patient and they’ve requested an appointment “only outside business hours” that should now work! When choosing a patient from the Waitlist those who requested outside of business hours will only appear if it’s before 9 AM and after 5 PM.

Also related to appointments, when viewing the logs of a Group Appointment, the Appointment’s Notes would not be listed. This has been fixed so those should now appear in the logs for you.

Finally, there was a weird quirk when editing a Treatment Note Template that has been squashed. Sometimes the Save button would be stuck in a loading or “I haven’t had my coffee yet and can’t think right now” state. Well, coffee has been provided so you shouldn’t see that pop up anymore.

While that’s it for this week’s changes I’d love to hear what fun custom titles you’ll be using or if you’re excited that Zombie Lord is back. I love you all so much and cannot wait for the next Cliniko This Week! Until then…. Bye :wave:!!