Cliniko This Week: SMS update for UAE & bug fixes

While we can’t spoil ALL our surprises, we can tell you that our developers are currently working on some highly anticipated features for Cliniko (some have been revealed in Joel’s Ask Me Anything post)!

The developers have released several behind the scene changes to prepare for those upcoming features but here’s a look at some additional updates and bug fixes that were released this week.


  • To comply with messaging regulations and prevent patient SMS messages from failing, there is now an SMS character limit for clinics in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Clinics in the UAE will now see an alert for SMS, bulk SMS, and SMS Reminder messages validating that the message is 142 characters or less.

Bug Fixes:

  • Just like Sonic, we want Cliniko to GO FAST :running_man:! So we fixed a bug that was causing Cliniko to slow down when editing a Treatment Note if the patient file contained a large amount of past Notes.

  • Fixed the Payment search so it searches by payment number instead of the internal payment id. Our Cliniko API also has a new “number” filter for payments.

  • If you created a new Practitioner after creating a custom practitioner order for Online Bookings it would cause an error. We have fixed the issue.

  • If you bookmarked an old patient file that has since been merged, the next time you visit that bookmark or old file, you’ll be redirected to the new patient’s file. This will also fix an issue that prevented certain information from being transferred & merged to the new patient’s file.

  • Fixed a bug where performing certain actions while logged out would display a “Something went wrong error” instead of redirecting you to the login page.

  • We removed a weird issue that was causing changes to the Google Analytics code via Online Booking Settings to not save.

  • Corrected “Reminder Template” to “Confirmation Template” when creating or editing an Appointment Confirmation Template.

  • Fixed the typo “reversable” in Data Import Settings.