Cliniko This Week - Preferred First Name, Record Communications, and more changes!


EPIC doesn’t even begin to describe the changes we’ve released this week :sunglasses:!

We’ve added Preferred First Name for Patients, the ability to record Communications, new prevention measures to stop the loss of changes made to Appointments, visual updates to the Communications Page, and MORE!

Let’s get down to business and cover all these exciting new features in Cliniko This Week!

Full Video Transcript:
It’s been an amazing week Cliniko Family and Friends!

Hello it’s your friendly neighborhood support friend Rachel here and I’m here to share with you the news, updates, changes, and more that happened in Cliniko This Week!

Where do I start!? We released a Preferred First Name option for Patients, you can now create a record of communications with your Patients, we’ve updated the look of the Communications Page, added some prevention measures so you don’t lose bookings you’re in the middle of creating, updated how we handle merging of patients, and changed how communications works with certain permission settings enabled.

Wowza!!! Let’s go over everything in more detail in this episode of Cliniko This Week!

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As you may have guessed, the general theme of the new releases and changes this week is Communications!

Whether you’re communicating face to face, via Email, SMS, Skype, or even pigeon! We’ve added a lot of features and changes that will assist with your Communications!

First, we now allow you to add a preferred first name for all patients! If Harry Potter now wants to go by Chosen One! Perfect! Simply head to the Patient’s File, and when you Edit you’ll now see the Preferred First Name field. Once a preferred first name is entered, you’ll now see that preferred first name throughout various locations within Cliniko. Including places like their File, Appointments, the patient list, Reports, and more!

That way when your patient enters the door for their appointment you can address them as the Chosen One — like they deserve!

We will however still use the First and Last name in places like Invoices, Treatment Notes, and Payments.

If you want to address communications to your patients using their preferred first name, this is also now possible!

To do this, if you’re a Power Receptionist or Admin, you’ll now see within Appointment Reminders, Letter Templates, or Invoices Settings, that the Patient drop-down has an option to add the Preferred First Name placeholder. If you add this and a patient does not have a preferred first name, we’ll automatically default to their first name.
So I recommend updating your Settings if you’d like to now include Preferred First name in your Communications.

Moving to our next Communications related update, you can now record Communications that took place outside of Cliniko’s SMS & Emails!

That’s right if a conversation took place outside of a Letter, emailed Communication, or Invoice — having a record of what took place is vital!

To record a Communication, head to the Communications section of any Patient’s File. You’ll then see the option to “Add Communication” including the type of Communication, if the communication was initiated by you or the party, who it was from and to, as well as a section to include what was discussed or a general description of the Communication.
If what was discussed was confidential, Practitioners and Administrators can tick this option under Privacy and only other Practitioners or Administrators can then view the details of what was discussed.

We’re really excited about this new feature but reach out to us via Help → Chat with Us if you have any feedback!

Next, we still have more changes related to Communications!

If you head to the Communications Page or Communications section of a patient’s file, you’ll now see that we’ve added labels to the Communications. Instead of a separate column for category, it’ll appear as a label next to the Type.

So at a glance it’ll be easier to see what emails, SMS messages, or even memos you’ve sent, received, or added.

The final change to Communications (I know — there’s more) is to how the permission setting: ”practitioners cannot see any financial details" works for Communications. Practitioners will see that financial communications exist (i.e. an Invoice has been emailed), but will not be able to see the content of those communications.

Again this is hidden if this setting is enabled.

That completes the changes for Communications! We have 2 more remaining updates. One for the Appointments Page and the other related to how we handle Treatment Notes when merging patients.

On the appointments page, if you start to create a booking then accidentally leave the page, select cancel, or anything that would cause you to lose the work you started, you’ll now see a pop-up confirming you intended to stop the changes or appointment you were creating. Next, for Treatment Notes, if you started a Treatment Note, merged the patient, then saved the Treatment Note you started before the merge — it would not transfer to the newly merged patient. The Treatment Note would technically be in the account but not easily accessible since it was assigned to the “old” patient behind the scenes. Now if this situation happens we will transfer the Treatment Note without issue.

Well it’s been such an exciting week and spoiler we still have some amazing new features to share with you next week! Which means I’ll have to come back to continuing sharing news, updates, changes, and more with you all! Until next week…. Bye Cliniko family!