Cliniko This Week: Pinned treatment notes, improvements to reports, and more!


Happy Friday, friends! :man_dancing:The weekend is near, it is almost here, and we are back to update you on what’s been goin’ on!

  • Treatment notes can now be pinned to the top of a patient’s profile (on the treatment notes page). :pushpin: This is handy in case there’s a particular note that you need to reference frequently!
  • We made a small update to how availabilities of new practitioners are set up—the default clinic that shows up in the drop-down (if you have multiple clinics) will be the one that initially has days and times selected. :spiral_calendar:
  • We made a small change to how the Payment Summary report is generated—the list at the bottom will more accurately register your account’s time zone, which ensures that it matches the numbers from the table at the top!
  • There was a bug occurring where if you didn’t enter a unit price or quantity on an invoice and tried to save it, you got a “Something went wrong” page. :grimacing: We fixed this, so if you leave those fields blank, the invoice page itself will let you know!
  • We made some behind-the-scenes improvements to the “Synchronise from a previous date” bit of the Xero integration! :raised_hands:

Whatever you’re up to, have a splendid weekend, and we’ll see you next time! :wave:


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