Cliniko this week: patient cases and treatment note updates, formatting bug fixes, and more!

Looking to catch-up on all things Cliniko? Look no further :raised_hands:! These past few weeks we released a number of updates and bug fixes to Cliniko. Check them out below :eyes:


  1. Patient cases now have separate drop down selectors for year & month when setting the “Issue date” and "Expiry date”:
    Updated drop down date selectors

  2. We’ve added some spacing/margin to the titles on exported Treatment note PDFs. This will help prevent having the last letter cut off.

  3. Any pre-existing “Multiple choice” or “Checkboxes” template questions or fields can now add an “Other” option.
    Other option

  4. Previously the Appointments header on the calendar appeared cut-off when only one business existed — not anymore :smirk:!

Bug Fixes

  1. We fixed a rare error that occurred when saving custom patient fields settings. This error tended to happen when adding a new field, setting the type to either “Checkboxes” or “Multiple choice”, then changing it to “Date” before saving.

  2. We also addressed a bug that prevented treatment notes and patient form templates from saving with a “Content answers is not a valid property” message.

  3. Any missing spacing or newlines on templates, notes, and communications have been fixed and automatically adjusted. Previously, when pasting or adding content into certain fields across Cliniko (for example: Communication memo), the spacing and formatting was not retained.


I would be really nice to get some more interesting and useful features every few months rather than this QOL improvements that most of us won’t use. A lot of us have to rely and pay other software like CliniqApps to do things Cliniko could/should be doing, and you could also charge us for that because we would probably be saving from the fees we pay CliniqApps. Also, where integration with Healthcode? You have integration with all Australian and NZ providers but none with the rest of the world when Cliniko is actually quite global.

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A step in the right direction. Thanks.

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Hi, good to hear about bug fixes and the extra "Add ‘Other’ " option for Multiple Choices and Checkboxes.

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