Cliniko This Week: New warning message for inactive users with API keys, bug fixes to the Appointment schedule report, and more!


December is almost halfway over…how is this even possible?! Our team meetup is over and everyone has gone home (:sob:) and we’re beginning to wind down as the end of the year approaches.

We’re definitely still working on Cliniko, though! Rachel will cover what we’ve been up to in this week’s episode of Cliniko This Week:

For those that enjoy the written word, here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to, as well!

  • The Gender field has been removed from the MailChimp integration; we no longer send that over to MailChimp. This is related to last week’s change to recording sex, gender identity, and pronouns.
  • Kind of related, there was also an annoying bug that was causing the “pronoun” field to open for no good reason if you saved changes to a patient by hitting the “Enter” key!
  • If you make a user inactive and they have API keys enabled, we now display a warning message. :warning:
  • We made some internal changes that will help out when it comes to Xero-related errors—this means that if you have trouble syncing invoices, we’ll be better equipped to help you! :blush:
  • There was a little bug that was preventing the Appointments schedule report from working properly! :scream: Have no fear, it’s been fixed!

If you have any questions on any of these changes, our super-friendly support team is here to help! :hugs:And from all of us at Cliniko, we hope your December is going swimmingly so far!