Cliniko This Week: New uninvoiced report, treatment note section descriptions, and updated online booking process

This week we’ve released some new features and updates to help assist with appointments, invoices, treatment notes, and online booking.

For a breakdown and step by step tutorial on how to use and implement the new changes, check out this episode of Cliniko This Week:

Below is a full list of recent changes you may have missed.

Updates & Changes:

  • Redesigned online booking process and summary. Instead of displaying the entire booking summary as a step before completing the booking, we now show each summary item progressively as the user is filling out the form. On larger or “desktop” sizes we show it as a sidebar and on mobile and embedded websites we have a button to display it at any time.

  • Reports page now has a new uninvoiced report. This new report will give you a list of any appointments that have not been invoiced. Meaning, no invoice has been created or associated with the appointment’s date during your selected timeframe.

  • Treatment Note Templates can now include section descriptions. The next time you edit or create a new Treatment Note template, similar to how patient forms , your treatment notes can now include section descriptions. This can be seen when writing future notes and when exporting the completed Treatment Note to PDF.

  • Patient Form Export is now available via Settings → Data Exports.

  • Lead time for online bookings can now be set per appointment type. By default, it is the same as one selected in Settings → Online Bookings but can be adjusted individually via Settings → Appointment Types. A lead time of “6 hours” has also been added as an option for online bookings lead time.

  • Quick patient links are now available on the Communications, Invoices and Payments page.

  • Added currency formatting/symbol for Haitian Gourde.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the patient names weren’t showing in the list of telehealth invite links shown below a group appt video call.

  • Fixed patient form SMS links breaking on Android.

  • Fixed an error that prevented booking confirmations from being sent to practitioners it the patient got deleted in before the confirmation was sent out.

  • Fixed a bug where the Practitioner Performance Report screen wouldn’t update when the report had finished generating, giving users the impression it had gotten stuck.

  • Fixed a problem with patient link on a wait list entry that would cause it to redirect to a broken page.

  • Fixed incorrect appointment order in new treatment note form.

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Like those updates - thank you
Unfortunately there is always more that we would like to be included (sorry but if you updates are so good - if you could wave the magic here too…)

  • when can we see a body chart being added to patient forms ? we get them to fill in the case story on line and the only thing that’s missing is the body chart drawing
  • when will the details from the patient registration forms be seamlessly integrated into the patient details ?
    Thanks Zoe