Cliniko This Week - New Recent Invoices View, API Key Change, and More!


Jumpstart your weekend with Cliniko This Week! I’m catching you up on all the new releases and changes that took place this past week :man_dancing:!

This includes an exciting change to Invoices! You can now view recent Invoices for a patient when creating or editing an Invoice!

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to see how many Patients don’t have upcoming appointments directly on the Practitioner Performance Report!!!

Video Transcript:

Hello there Cliniko Friends and Family! It’s so nice to see you again — you’re looking great!

It’s Rachel from the Cliniko Team here and as always, I’m covering the changes, news, updates, bug fixes, and more that took place this week!

Today, we’ve got some exciting changes to Invoices, how you generate API Keys, a new column in the Practitioner Performance Report, update to Data Exports, and some bug fixes!

Let’s get started with Cliniko This Week!

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To begin, let’s go over the change to Invoices!

When creating or editing an Invoice, you can now see a list of the most recent invoices for that patient — without having to leave the page!

That’s right if your device’s screen is wide enough you’ll see the Invoices on the right-hand side. Otherwise, if you’re on a smaller device or screen, you can also view the most recent Invoices by expanding the Invoice toolbar — indicated by the “less than” symbol.

Here you can see at a glance the last 5 Invoices that were generated for the patient. Including the date of the Invoice, any billable items or products that were added, and the total.

If you want to view the Invoice, click on the date and it’ll immediately bring you there. Just note make sure you save your edits before navigating to an old Invoice.

Now let’s cover the changes to the Practitioner Performance Report!

First, when generating or creating a Practitioner Performance Report, you’ll notice the “View” button has been removed.

But don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you can’t see the Report anymore! Simply click on the date range of the Report and that will now bring you directly to the Report you’re after.

You’ll also notice on newly generated Reports, a brand new column! We’ve now added the number of Patients Without Upcoming Appointments.

The number listed here will match the results from the Patients Without Upcoming Appointments Report for the same date range.

This is a great way to see at a glance how many patients haven’t rebooked yet. Just note the number does include patients who have recalls set-up. Additionally, this data is a snapshot of the information in your account at the time of creating the Report.

So if you happen to schedule a patient after viewing your report, the data will not update until a new Report is generated.

Next up, we’ve made a change to our Payment Allocations export. When generating this Data Export via Settings, you’ll now see that “including archived records” is disabled. You’ll also see a message pop-up letting you know that including archived records is not supported. The way we handle payment allocations behind the scenes made archived records obsolete and would often cause issues when someone attempt to generate this export alongside archived records. So to prevent any further hair pulling, we’ve disabled the option.

Another change we made to help prevent any further hair pulling was limiting the number of requests a browser, device, or browser extension could make.

But what does that mean? Well when you use Cliniko, your device/browser will essentially request to take an action with our servers. Navigating to a new page, creating an appointment, writing a Letter about how awesome your patient Rachel is, etc.

Every-time you interact with Cliniko in any way you’re making a request. Sometimes your browser or device may be a bit buggy for some reason though. Instead of making a small number of requests, your browser overwhelms Cliniko and makes hundreds or thousands of requests at one time without you realizing it. This can slow down Cliniko, cause our servers to be overwhelmed — which eventually leads to a number of larger issues.

So to prevent this from happening we’ve added a request limit. If something buggy is causing hundreds of requests to Cliniko in one minute, you’ll see a “429” error.

You’ll need to wait a minute for the requests to stop and you’ll be able to use Cliniko normally again. That said, we also recommend taking a look at any extensions or programs that may be running on your device if you come across this message often.

Again you’ll rarely see this unless something crazy is happening with the device or browser you’re using

Moving on, we’ve changed how you generate an API Key. As a quick refresher, API Keys are essentially a way for your account to talk to a 3rd party. For example, if you integrate with MailChimp, we require you to generate an API Key that will allow us to talk directly to your MailChimp account and vice versa.

Just note API Keys should never be given to anyone you don’t trust!! You’re granting access to your Cliniko data. So treat API Keys as if it were a copy of your house key!

To generate an API Key, you’ll still head to My Info but you’ll now see a new option called “Manage API Keys”. This will bring you to a separate page where you can view current API Keys or generate new ones.

When generating a new API Key, you can now add a Name! This allows you to keep track of where your API Keys are being used. Old API Keys generated before this change will not have a Name Listed and deleting an API Key means the 3rd party will no longer have access to your data.

We’ve also included a Date and Time of when the API Key was generated and have removed the ability to view the API Key that was generated. Allowing us to store your API Keys more securely.

Finally, let’s discuss the bug fixes for this week. If you were locked out of your account but were constantly redirected to the login page — that has been fixed.

If you were having issues searching patient attachments within a patient’s file — that has been addressed.

And if you were having issues editing your own user account via Settings (not from My Info), then that has been squashed!

That concludes the changes from this past week but I cannot wait for next week to bring you more changes, news, updates, and more!

Have a great weekend everyone and until next time…… Bye :wave:!