Cliniko This Week: New patient privacy settings, change to the list of next/previous appointments, and more!

Hello, hello! :wave::sunglasses::hugs: It’s Friday and we hope you’re having an amazing one! The Cliniko team has been up to a lot, but most of it’s been behind the scenes—that’s why we’ve been a little quiet on the Cliniko This Week front. :shushing_face: However! We wanted to share some brief little bits and bobs of what’s been going on lately, so without further ado, here you go!

So, there you have it! A lot of the work we’ve been doing has been very behind-the-scenes, in preparation for some very exciting changes to come (:wink:), but we’ve managed to eke a few little things alongside that! We can’t wait to share some fun future-but-soon-to-be-now changes with you, but until then…have a wonderful weekend!