Cliniko This Week: New online booking reservations, bug fixes, and more!


Happy April, friends! :hibiscus::fallen_leaf:We’re sliding into the new month like a cool spring (or autumn) breeze :leaves:and we’re happy to report some nifty updates that have taken place over the past week!

  • When a patient is making an online booking, the time slot they’ve chosen can now be reserved—making it less likely that someone else will nab that spot before they can actually book it!
  • Within your online bookings settings, you can specify how long you want the reservation feature to last for (or even if you want to use it at all).
  • Power Receptionist’s calendars weren’t working quite as expected after we released the aforementioned online booking reservation feature. :grimacing: We fixed that, though!
  • We fixed an issue with discounts on invoices—if you added a dollar-value discount to an invoice that was worth a large amount, the discount wasn’t calculating correctly. That’s all sorted out, though!
  • There was also a bug that was causing patient pronouns not to save correctly—that’s been resolved!

Thanks for stopping by—we’ll see you next time! :wave:

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