Cliniko This Week: New invoice/payment logs, changes to the Practitioner performance report, and more!


It’s time for another installment of Cliniko This Week! We’ve been busy bees :honeybee: and there are some useful (and cool!) changes that we’ve made over the past week. So, without further ado, let’s get into them!

  • You can now view a log of changes for invoices and payments! If you need to know the who/what/when of anything related to those documents, we’ve got you covered! :muscle:
  • There was a little bug :ant: that we found with the invoice logs—the logs weren’t accessible for open invoices. We fixed that up right-quick, though!
  • We fixed a little typo on the Subscription page. The word “practitioner” had been misspelled. :grimacing: We fixed that up!
  • Because change logs are fun, we also made some improvements to appointment logs! :man_dancing: They now show more information. And more information is always nice.
  • The Practitioner Performance Report now separates individual and group appointments! :sunglasses: This should make your reporting more accurate if you offer both types of appointment at your clinic.
  • The search functionality in Products is better (you can search by serial number and notes, as well as item code and product name!). There was also some funny business when trying to add an item to an invoice; this has been fixed!
  • The attached calendar event (the .ics file) that’s sent with confirmation emails has had a bit of a facelift. It now includes some behind-the-scenes time zone information which means it’ll “talk” better to the calendar it’s added to!

The first couple weeks of January have proven to be awesome so far—and we can’t wait to really get into it as 2019 progress! :star_struck:

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