Cliniko This Week - Launch of Body Charts, Practitioner Notifications, and Online Booking Limits


This week has been FILLED with some amazing new features and releases!

Not only were Body Charts released but this week we’ve also added Booking Notifications for Practitioners, Online Booking limit for patients, and more!

Check it all out in Cliniko This Week :raised_hands:!

Full Video Transcript:

It’s been an exciting week Cliniko Family! As always it’s your caffeinated pal, Rachel and I’m here to share what news, updates, and changes took place.

Today for you I have of course the launch of Body Charts, new Practitioner notification options for bookings, addition of the daily limit setting for Online Bookings, Xero changes, and bug fixes!

Let’s take a look at all of these in Cliniko This Week!

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Let’s start with Body Charts! If you haven’t seen the news, yes — BODY CHARTS IS OUT!!!

You can start drawing on an uploaded custom template or use the ones we’ve already provided. There are a number of drawing tools at your fingertips and the possibilities are endless.

To get you started, I’ve created a 2 minute video to show you how to set-up Body Charts in your Treatment Note Templates and how to create Body Charts.

Let us know what you think!

Next up, we’ve released a number of new features related to Appointments.

First, Practitioners can now receive notifications of bookings created by Reception or anyone else on your team.

Those notifications can be received as an SMS and/or Email.

You also have the option to receive notifications for appointments within the next 1-14 days or you can receive notifications for ALL bookings regardless of the date.

Just note, if the Practitioner themselves creates the booking, they will not receive a notification. Also SMS Notifications require SMS Credits which is a separate fee. Email Notifications of course are always free.

To set this up, head to My Info which is located underneath your name in the menu. If you’re a Practitioner, you’ll then see the option to enable “ Calendar booking notifications ”.

Once you change your Settings, make sure to save.

This setting does NOT affect Online Booking notifications so just keep that in mind.

Speaking of Online Booking, we have yet another new setting to announce!

Under Settings → Online Booking, you’ll now see a “ Daily limit of appointments a patient can book online ”.

Previously the max number of appointments a patient could book within a 24 hour period on your Online Booking site was “3”. This was to prevent spam bookings. Problem was, if a patient wanted to book multiple dates for a group class, for example, that limit wasn’t particularly useful.

Now you can change that Daily Limit. You’re options are 1-5, 15, 20, 30, and unlimited. Once you change and save your settings, Online Booking will apply this immediately.

Moving on to our final changes, let’s discuss the bug fixes this week.

The Patients Without Upcoming Appointments Report had an issue where some patients would be randomly duplicated and using the filter to hide patients with scheduled recalls would sometimes not work.

There was also an issue where using a stylus would not work with the Appointment’s Page Header.

Both of these have been fixed.

This wraps up everything that went down this week but of course I’ll be back for more news, updates, changes and more! Until then…… bye!!!


Hi Rachel, you mentioned Xero changes in the beginning but no detail through the video. I’m keen to know what Xero changes have been made. Cheers


Good catch!!! If you attempt to connect to a different Xero organization than the one you were connected to previously, you’ll now be prompted to reset/delete the records that link your Cliniko data to the old Xero account.

This will ensure you do not have any issues connecting to your new Xero organization as previously it would cause errors behind the scenes unless you requested Cliniko support to reset/delete things on your behalf.

Thanks again for catching this!