Cliniko This Week - Internet Explorer 11 Warning, change to Recent Invoices view, and more


In a bit of a hurry :running_man:‍♂️:dash:? Before rushing out that door, catch up on the changes in Cliniko! In less than 3 minutes, you’ll be up to date on this week’s updates :raised_hands:.

We’ve released some additional changes to the Recent Invoices view, updated the currency symbol for Kuwait, added a warning message for Internet Explorer 11 users, and addressed the scrolling issue on Invoices.

Take a look at all of these changes in Cliniko This Week.

Full Video Transcript:

Welcome, Cliniko Friends and Family! It’s Rachel here with another breakdown of this week’s changes, fixes, news, and more!

Today I have a quick video for you! I’m covering the change to the Recent Invoices view, future Internet Explorer 11 support, an update to the Kuwait currency, and a bug fix to Invoices.

Hope you’re ready for Cliniko This Week!!

Let’s begin with the Recent Invoice View changes. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered feedback from you all and have made some adjustments to the “Recent Invoices View” that can be seen when editing or creating new Invoices.

Specifically, we’ve changed at what screen size the Recent Invoice View will automatically appear. Your monitor or screen size would have to be over 1700px in order for it to automatically display. Or your browser would have to be zoomed out a bit. If your screen size is smaller than this, you’ll want to use the Invoice toolbar.

Next up, if you use Internet Explorer 11, you may have seen a notification or banner about updating. Starting October 1st, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. Depending on your operating system, you will either want to switch to the browser Microsoft Edge or download the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

If you need help with this, you can, of course, reach out to the lovely support team!

Next, we have a minor change to those in Kuwait. We’ve changed the currency symbol which you’ll see across your Invoices and Financial Reports immediately.

Finally, we’ve released a bug fix for Invoices. When creating an Invoice, your screen may have randomly scrolled up to the top. This behavior was unintended so that has been fixed so you should no longer experience any scrolling issues.

As I mentioned earlier, that was a quick video that is covering the changes that took place this week

I, of course, be back next week with more news changes, updates, and more

Until then have a great week everyone! Bye!