Cliniko This Week: Improvements to Contact management, repeat appointment cancellations, and more!


February is HERE—and we’re celebrating the start of the month by releasing a whole bunch of stuff. :sunglasses: Read on for a summary of what we’ve been up to!

  • When assigning a contact to a patient (either as a referring doctor or a referral source), the contact’s associated company name is included. This makes it easier to figure out who’s who if you have multiple contacts with the same name! :hugs:
  • We fixed an annoying little bug that was sometimes causing a practitioner’s availability to not save. :roll_eyes:
  • Patients can now be cancelled from repeating appointments! :dancer:This should make it a whole lot easier to remove someone from a bunch of classes at once. (Before, you had to do it one at a time, which was…not so fun. :grimacing:)
  • We’ve improved how we handle/display file attachments for anyone using a screen reading program (such as JAWS).
  • The Appointments marketing report now includes a new chart—online bookings! We display a pie chart showing the percentages of bookings that are made through your online bookings page.
  • The Upcoming birthdays report now includes the age of your patients!

We hope you’re all having an excellent start to February, and are staying warm (or cool, depending on what part of the world you’re in :sunny::snowflake:)! Tune in again next week for more updates! :hugs:


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