Cliniko This Week: Fixes to services in online bookings, improvements to file uploads, plus a team meetup!


We’ve had a bit of a change in routine at Cliniko this week, but it’s all for a pretty exciting reason. Quite a few of our team members have made the trip to Australia to get together for a couple of weeks! As a distributed team, it’s always really enjoyable when we can actually be in the same physical space together and hang out! (And work, of course!) :hugs:

We feel that it’s really important to hang out together at least once per year. As the Cliniko HQ is in Australia (in the beautiful Yarra Valley, to be exact!), many folks will fly out to the Land Down Under and enjoy the local sun and scenery. (Kangaroos and eucalytpus trees definitely make for a great work environment!)

Meetups are an awesome way to meet new faces, as well. The Cliniko team has been growing, and this will be our biggest Australian meetup yet—which is super exciting. Zac, Mat, Jonathan, and Nick are our four newest members, and we’re thrilled to have them on the team (and so happy they were able to make it out to Australia!).

Although the past week has been primarily spent with packing and undergoing 20+ hours of travel, we’ve still managed to sneak in some time for a few updates to Cliniko! :muscle:

  • If you use online bookings and have more than one clinic—and you offer different services at each clinic—your online bookings page will now display only the relevant clinics that offer those services! (There was a little bug that was causing clinics to be displayed, even if they didn’t offer the services you wanted to show online!)

  • There was a typo in the letter search field, and because typos are no fun, we’ve fixed that up!

  • There’s a small change to the “Files” area within a patient’s profile, as well. If you have that window open somewhere else, and you upload a file, we now “live” update the page. (This is similar to the functionality on the calendar, where if an appointment is booked elsewhere, you’ll see it pop right up on the page!)

We’ll have more to report next week, after the team gets settled in and really starts diving into awesome one-on-one time with one another!