Cliniko This Week - External Calendar URLs expiring Dec 1, Password Reset Emails change, SMS Replies for Cancelled Appointments, and more!


Just like the weather :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:, there have been changes! No need for an umbrella or jacket though… we’ve got you covered (pun intended). We’re going over the highlights in Cliniko This Week so check below for the full breakdown.

Full list of Cliniko changes this week:

  • To improve security, we’ll be expiring all existing External Calendar URLs on 1 December 2018 :spiral_calendar:. If you connected Cliniko with an external calendar system (like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc.) you’ll want to generate a new URL before then. Need help re-connecting the new URL to your external calendar, here is our handy dandy guide :raised_hands:!

  • Patient SMS replies :iphone: will now still appear on the Dashboard for Practitioners even if the appointment has been cancelled. Practitioners who were also Admins could already see these but not non-Admin Practitioners.

  • The embed code for Online Booking has been updated. If you head to Settings → Online Bookings, you’ll now see a new code you can use on your website. This new code has several improvements! Online Booking will automatically have the height adjusted and set (depending on the content of your website), the booking experience on mobile will be much smoother, and pages will automatically scroll to the top when patients go to the next part of the booking process.

  • When attempting to create or save an Appointment Types, if your Business Location was missing the Business Regulation Number, it would fail with no error messages telling you why :woman_facepalming:. We’ve now added messaging to notify you if your Appointment Type is failing due to the missing Business Regulation Number.

  • When clicking the Google Map :world_map: on Online Booking it will now open in a new tab :card_index_dividers:. This will keep your patients on your website instead of taking them away on a journey through Mordor just to find their way back home to your site.

  • When exporting Products via Settings → Data Export there is a new column. You’ll now see a Xero Account Code column if you’ve integrated with Xero.

  • Password Reset emails will no longer be threaded or have content hidden if sent to a Gmail address :sob::clap:.

  • When searching Patients, matches on Preferred First Name will be shown higher on the results list than those patients without a Preferred First Name.

  • Fixed a bug where Availability changes weren’t reflected in Online Booking immediately.

  • Improved the screen reader experience for the Appointments & Treatment Notes page.

If you’re a fan of these changes, let us know! Or if you just want to chat about how amazing Doctor Who has been this season, reach out! We’re desperate and need friends so come chat with us :pleading_face:!!



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