Cliniko This Week: Email subject of Letters now supports placeholders, Draft Treatment Note navigation added, 2FA requires mobile on file, and bug fixes!


Our VIP developers have yet another set of changes in Cliniko for you :love_letter:! For starters, the default email subject of Letters now supports placeholders! :confetti_ball: If you want to automatically include the name of your business, or the current date, or basically anything that a placeholder can “pull” in, well, now you can. :sunglasses:

I’ll show you how in this episode of Cliniko This Week :partying_face:!

Here’s the full list of changes that come out this week:

  • Within your Letter Templates, you can now include placeholders in the default email subject! When you send Letters as an email, any placeholders you’ve added in the subject line will pull in the applicable information automatically! Talk about a time saver :heart_eyes:!

  • When setting up two factor authentication (2FA), you’re now required to include a mobile number within your profile (“My Info” page). You will see a warning message on your “My Info” page if you have 2FA enabled and no mobile number listed. Just note, setting up 2FA is not required but is highly recommend.

  • Added page navigation to the Draft Treatment Notes list on the Dashboard. Previously the Dashboard page would have issues loading a large number of Draft Notes and would sometimes time out. That’s no longer the case :raised_hands:!

  • When selecting a Draft Treatment Note to edit on the Dashboard, it was heading to the Patient’s full list of Treatment Notes instead of the specific Treatment Note you were attempting to edit :woman_facepalming:. This was unintended, so we went back in time and with the power of love, the Draft Treatment Note link now works as it did before.

  • We released a few bug fixes related to Letters :memo:. If you ran into an issue where the practitioner drop down was missing, placeholder information seem to disappear after selecting Contact details, or you couldn’t select which business the letter was coming from… it wasn’t a terrible dream. Don’t worry though, we’ve clicked our heels 3 times and Letters are back home running smoothly.


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