Cliniko This Week: Communications in data exports, bug fixes, and more!


Hello, friends! Where has the year gone?! :scream: It seems like just yesterday it was the beginning of January, yet here we are, the holiday season upon us and end-of-year festivities ramping up. :tada: This will be our LAST episode of Cliniko This Week until 2019—and we’re gonna make it a good one. :hugs: So, without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to over the past week!

  • We fixed an obscure little bug :bug: that was happening if you cancelled all patients from a group appointment, and then subsequently archived that appointment. The cancellations would also be archived, which wasn’t exactly great! :grimacing: However, with the fix in place, those cancelled appointments will remain in each patients’ file, even if you archive the entire (empty) group.
  • We made some behind-the-scenes changes that will help us track any issues related to merged patients!
  • Because obscurity and edge-cases are quite intriguing, we also fixed up a weird thing that was happening with SMS replies! If a practitioner had replied to an SMS message that was sent to them (for example, to notify them of a new booking), we recorded it as a reply from a patient—when it was actually a reply from that practitioner! This has been fixed up, so if a practitioner replies to an SMS from Cliniko, it will state that it’s a “Reply from Practitioner”, not patient!
  • You can now export Communications! :tada:
  • There was an odd little bug occurring in Online Bookings—on smaller screens, the little “summary” card was displaying some extra spacing that shouldn’t be there. We fixed that up!

As a certain rabbit by the name of Bugs says, that’s all, folks! We cannot wait to get cranking on some fun new projects in 2019, but between now and the start of the new year, we’ll be a little quieter—the Cliniko team will be enjoying some slower days, spending time with family and friends and soaking up the remaining days of 2018.

We hope that all of you have an amazing holiday season and start to 2019, and we’ll catch you on the flip side! :wave:




Thank you :slight_smile: