Cliniko This Week - Closed Date of Invoices, Remember Me, and Archived Data changes


Today, we’re saying goodbye to the “Zombie Lord” Title :zombie:and hello to some new updates :wave:!

Those updates include:

  • Changes to how we handle the Closed Date of Invoices (when backdating payments)
  • The “Remember Me” option has been fixed for Online Booking
  • Errors related to archiving a Payment for a deleted Patient has been fixed
  • The “Deleted” column in Data Exports has been updated to “Archived”

As always, Cliniko This Week is walking you through all of these :innocent:!

Full Transcript of Video:

Hi everyone! It’s Rachel and as always I’m here to catch you up on this week’s news, updates, and fixes in Cliniko This Week!

This past week we’ve released a change to how we handle the Closed Date on Invoices, added a fix for the “Remember Me’ Option for Online Bookings, a Title removal, and modified some things related to Archived data.

Get ready, get set, let’s Cliniko This Week!

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First, let’s talk about the changes related to the Closed Date of Invoices.

If you have ever set the date of a Payment to something other than the current date, if it paid or closed off the Invoice, the Closed Date of the Invoice was still set to the current date.

So if today’s date was June 1st, backdating a Payment to May 1st would not affect the Closed Date of the Invoice. It would still be set to June 1st unless manually edited!

This was a bit of a hassle though especially if you forgot to Edit the Invoice after entering the backdated payment. Thanks to our devs though, this has been changed!

Now, if you backdate a Payment, if it pays off/closes the Invoice, the Closed Date will also be set to the date of the backdated Payment. Which means, if you enter a payment for May 1st, the Closed Date of the Invoice will automatically be set to May 1st as well.

Next up, Online Bookings was experiencing some amnesia! Some patients who ticked the “Remember Me” option didn’t have their information saved. So the next time they visited Online Booking they would have to re-enter their details.

Star Wars Video Plays: “Noooooooooooooo”

Well the curse has been lifted and Online Booking is no longer experiencing amnesia — if the “Remember Me” option is ticked, patients will not be requested to enter data again (as long as they are using the same device & browser and do not clear their cookies — which maintains the Remember Me functionality).

The next change is hardest to announce. The Title “Zombie Lord” has been removed from the list of options of Titles for patients. Zombie Lord apparently is seeking a new life in the countryside; raising bunnies and making origami figures for the local community. We wish Zombie Lord the best of luck with their endeavors and you will be missed.

Moving on, we have 2 fixes/updates related to archived data. First, when you delete a patient their Invoices and Payments remain in your account so that it does not affect your Financial Reports. That said, if you attempted to then archive the deleted patient’s Payments, you may have run into an error. This error has been addressed and you should no longer run into an issue when archiving a payment for a deleted patient.

Second, when you archive data, a copy/record of that data can be viewed when you “include archived records” for your Data Exports. The Data Export will then have an “Archived” column, indicating whether or not that data was archived or is still active.

Previously this column used to be labeled as “Deleted” but that has now been updated — including any other references to “deleted” in the exports.

While that concludes this week’s updates, I will of course be back next week! I’m off to attend Zombie Lord’s retirement party but I hope all of you have a wonderful week… until next time!