Cliniko This Week: Changes to the practice revenue report, date filters for group SMS messages, and more!


Hello hello, friends! :wave: We have been busy over the past week and have some fun things to share with you. (Also, how is it March?! Golly. The year is flying. Totally flying.)

Here’s what we’ve been up to!

As always, if you have any questions on anything we’re working on, our super support team is always available to chat! We hope you all have an excellent weekend! :hugs:


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Hi, The revenue report changes are helpful, but one ore step would make them really useful for multi-practitioner clinics.
We pay practitioners based on closed invoices and a commission on products sold. This is common practice in many clinics. To pay staff I have to generate a report for each practitioner one at a time to get this data (‘Summary of revenue item report’ under’ Practitioner by closed invoices’ currently). It would be great if the practice revenue report broke down each practitioner into service and product like the ‘summary of revenue item report’. In this way running just one report will list the summary data required for all of the staff.

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Why do we still not have a character counter for SMS messages.
How can you charge me for SMS credits used, when I can’t even see how many I am using each time?
Come on, play fair!

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