Cliniko This Week: Changes to phone number search, simpler notification emails, and more!

Happy weekend, everyone! :sunglasses: We’ve been doing a ton of behind-the-scenes work this week, which means that much of the work we’ve done has yet to be revealed. But, as always, we still have a few little things to share!

  • When searching with phone numbers in the patient page, you’ll have to enter at least three numbers—we changed this because previously, while shorter searches were possible, they sometimes resulted in the page timing out and giving you an error message. :weary: That was kind of annoying, so three numbers it now is! :phone:
  • The “Archive” buttons for reminder and confirmation templates now live at the top of the screen.
  • When creating a new patient from the appointments page, their birth month is now abbreviated. This matches how it looks in the “regular” new patient page! :spiral_calendar:
  • We’ve also made a small change to booking notification emails :inbox_tray: (the ones that get sent to practitioners for both online and calendar bookings)—we now also send a “plain text” version, which means that if the fancier HTML version is loading incorrectly on your device, you can still view the correct version of that email in regular ol’ text!

There have also been some nifty posts over on the Cliniko blog—check ‘em out for some light reading! :books:

As always, have a great weekend, and we’ll catch you next time! :wave: