Cliniko This Week: Changes to how you can record your patients’ sex, gender identity, and pronouns; placeholders for patients’ current age; and more!


We’ve rounded off the second (and final) week of our team meetup with a handful of changes that we got to work on while in the same physical space! Being a fully distributed team means that, more often than not, our interaction is entirely virtual (chatting online, video calls, those sorts of things!). It’s always a pleasure when we can hang out together and work on Cliniko IRL! :hugs:

Here’s a summary of what happened on Cliniko this week!

  • We changed the way that you can record a patient’s sex, gender identity, and pronouns. We’ve known for quite some time that this was an important development, and we’re pleased that this feature has been released.
  • Old external calendar links have expired. If you haven’t updated yours yet, you can do so in your user settings!
  • You can now use placeholders for a patient’s current age!
  • There was a bug was causing body chart templates to not display correctly—we’ve fixed that!
  • Previously, if you changed your subscription plan (i.e. Solo → Team), the new details of what you would be paying each month would not display until you refreshed your page. That was a bit annoying! We fixed it up so that all changes will display immediately!
  • If you exported file attachments, you may have noticed that they were labelled with some really weird names —which made it difficult to know which file you were looking at, without actually opening it! We’ve fixed this up, so exported files once again have names that make sense.
  • If you created a patient via the Appointments page (when booking their first appointment), and added a title to their name, that title wouldn’t actually save to the patient’s details page. This has been fixed!

Although everyone is journeying back home, we’ll be back at it next week (maybe a little jetlagged! ), and we’ll be sharing some details specifically about the meetup, as well!