Cliniko This Week: changes to appointment rescheduling, reports, data exports, and more!

It’s a new year :partying_face:, so to celebrate, the team has prepared some new changes, updates, and bug fixes in Cliniko :raised_hands:! I’ve summarized the major changes in this episode of Cliniko This Week but here’s a full breakdown of everything you may have missed:

Updates & changes:

  • We’ve moved :package::file_cabinet:!! So we’ve updated our business address that is displayed in your Cliniko subscription invoices/receipts.

  • When merging 2 patients, if either file was created outside of a data import, we will now remove the data import reference. This prevents the merged patient file to be removed when a data import file is deleted.

  • Added a Patient ID column to data exports for Health Fund Claims, Letters, Payments, and Payment Allocations.

  • The form allowing users to add/update health fund claims on the invoice page and payments page will not be displayed for roles who cannot create claims.

  • We’ve updated how the Appointments Schedule Report is generated. Instead of loading all appointments at once (which the Report would then time out), it will now load the page and then show the loading dots while it loads the appointments in reasonable chunks.

  • When rescheduling an appointment, you’ll now see a cleaner & clearer dialog/pop-up now. This will also tell you whether the practitioner you’re rescheduling the appointment with offers the appointment type. This should help address accidental drag and drops. Otherwise, you’ll see a confirmation dialog just like before, but it just happens to looks better :sunglasses:.

  • The Reports page charts now shows money values with 2 decimal places if there are any cents in the amount.

  • Updated patient/client terminology in practitioner settings page, appointment reminder templates and appointment confirmation templates.

  • Fixed some wording about reminders that appeared in the confirmation templates.

  • Greek accounts now send SMS from an alphanumeric number (aka alpha ID). This is due to the SMS guidelines and requirements in Greece (as SMS were failing to send previously). By default the alpha ID will be the first 11 characters of the account name. Admins can set a custom ID from the SMS settings page. Just note: messages sent this way cannot receive replies, so the replies section of the dashboard no longer appears for Greek Cliniko accounts.

Bug fixes:

  • Clinics with more than 100 active or inactive practitioners would sometimes get an “Uh-oh error” when generating the daily appointment schedule report. This was due to the filtering on more than 100 practitioners, which the API behind the scenes didn’t like. We’ve now fixed this so the report will run for any number of practitioners.

  • Practitioners with more than 4 practitioner reference numbers per business were not able to select provider number on Australian Medicare claim widget.

  • The Medipass payment calculator is now using the actual benefit instead of expected benefit

  • Fixed the warning when writing letters and changing placeholders with unsaved changes

  • Addressed a bug which prevented online bookings reservations being created when using online bookings via the Facebook app

  • Deleting a Product linked to an appointment type would cause issues when using that appointment type. Now, if you delete a Product, it will clear out the related product in the Appointment Type’s settings.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause referring doctor association to patient to save incorrectly and cause letters not to fill in contact/referring doctor info.

  • Invoices created with either products or billable items associated with taxes are now working for newly created Cliniko accounts in the United Kingdom.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from adding multiple body charts to a single treatment note.

  • Fixed broken links to appointment reminder templates

  • Released a fix for an error that occurred when rescheduling appointments (using the drag and drop method) after changing the business.

  • Finally, we’ve fixed a bug that was counting DNA appointments in the daily counts on the appointment schedule report. This was the number that appeared in the little yellow counts next to each day when viewing weekly or monthly report.

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