Cliniko This Week: Business Name in Treatment Note footer, cancellation changes, and appointment bug fixes

Our devs have not stopped turning their hamster wheels so we’re letting them out of their cages for a quick break to reveal the list of changes to Cliniko this week :hamster:!! Our big change this week: Treatment Note footers will now automatically include the associated appointment’s Business Name! We’ve also further improved patient search and fixed some pesky bugs with appointments and Online Booking.


  • The next time you export your Treatment Note to a PDF, you will now see the business name in the footer. To get the business name to appear you must have an appointment date selected/associated. When there’s no appointment, it will display the account name (which was the default previously).

  • When changing your profile or another user’s profile, we will no longer require your 2FA code when verifying your credentials.

  • If you ever decide to cancel your Cliniko subscription (:sob:please don’t – it’ll break our hearts), Administrators now have the option to export Billable Items, Communications, Contacts, and Stock Adjustments. Previously, cancelled accounts did not have access to these exports.

  • When editing a treatment note we allow Practitioners to “Copy From” previous treatment notes with the same template as the treatment note that is being updated. If the treatment note does not have an associated template however (which can happen if you’re using a 3rd party integration), the copy from previous treatment note feature was not working. We have now fixed this issue so if the Treatment Note does not have a template associated, you can still use the copy from previous function.

  • When viewing a sample of your Confirmation or Reminder email/SMS we now show a more accurate example of the cancellation link. Previously it would show “” but now we’ve updated it to reflect closer to what you send to patients. Note: the cancellation link counts towards your character count/total in your SMS (which affects the amount of SMS Credits used) so we hope this helps with planning your SMS messages.

  • Corrected the speeeling of “websites” in the Online Bookings cookie policy information notification.

Bug Fixes:

  • Clinics were reporting issues with the patient search (specifically when searching by phone number), so we have corrected those issues which has further improved the patient search :raised_hands:.

  • There was an issue where adding a patient to an individual appointment, removing them, and then adding them again, would make it look like that patient wasn’t attending the appointment.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Online Booking icons that show morning, afternoon, and evening to display when no bookings were available during that timeframe.

  • Fixed an error on the Communications for users that didn’t have permission to archive the communication. This error was causing the Cliniko menu to not collapse.