Cliniko This Week - Bug Fixes Galore!


Our developers have been busting bugs left and right this week! If you had certain issues with Invoices, Patient Exports, Referring Doctors, or SMS messages — we got your back :sunglasses:.

I’m covering everything that has been fixed in Cliniko This Week!

Video Transcript:

Helllllllllooo Cliniko Family! It’s a new hour, a new day, and a new episode of Cliniko This Week!

Over the last week our developers have gone into the pest control business and eliminated some pesky bugs. I’ll be covering those today — and maybe if you’re lucky I’ll include an interpretive dance at the end! Can’t have Cliniko This Week without some sort of random fun or epic twist, right!?!?! Right!?!?!?

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There were a number of bug fixes that were released this week! Let’s start with the fixes related to Patient Exports.

First, if you attempted to generate a full patient export and their referral source was set to “Other” — this would cause the export to fail. Since failure is NOT AN OPTION, this has been addressed and you can now generate a full patient export without issue now. We also fixed a typo in the description of the patient export so if you’re a “Where’s Wally” champion and noticed this typo and it bothered you to your core — order has been restored.

Next up, if you created an Invoice where the total was set to $0, you may have run into a weird scenario where the Date Closed was not set. This only took place for a day but we’ve addressed the source of the problem and those Invoices will now have the Closed/Paid Date listed.

Now if anyone recently created a Cliniko account (if so: welcome and thank you for watching) you may have noticed a weird glitch in the matrix involving the titles for patients. The list of titles would not populate and you would potentially see some errors when edit a user or patient. That bug has been smashed and anyone who had issues with their titles should be all set.

Moving on, if your patient had a phone number where you already added the country but there was an extra space at the front, there was an issue where the country code would potentially be added twice when sending SMS Reminders or one-off SMS messages — causing the SMS to be delivered to a malformed number. Cliniko will now automatically recognize if an accidental space has been added at the beginning of a patient’s number and will process the SMS correctly.

Also related to patients and our final bug fix: we just released the Referring Doctor field to our open API. The open API allows 3rd party developers to connect with Cliniko. So now some of those integrations can interact with that field in your Patient’s File. Just note, when adding a Referring Doctor via Cliniko, the search will only bring up those who are Doctors. Previously it was showing ALL Contacts which was a bug.

So if you’re attempting to add a Contact as a Referring Doctor and they are not appearing, head to the Contact’s Page and make sure they are set-up as a Doctor. This can be done by Editing the Contact and setting the “Contact Type” to Doctor. You’ll then be able to add them to the Patient’s File.

While that covers all the updates/fixes this week, I will of course be back for more! You guys are amazing and thank you as always for your support and love! Until next time…. Bye!!