Cliniko This Week: Automatic session timeout and new patient privacy settings

Happy, happy, happy Friday! :tada: While the team has been busy doing a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff (for some exciting new changes!!!), there are a couple of things that made their mark in the world this week—so we’ll get right to it! :man_dancing:

  • We’ve added some new privacy settings for how patient names show up in your browser tabs and history, as well as in external calendars.
  • We’ve also introduced automatic session timeout—this is an optional feature, but if you turn it on, it means that users will be logged out of Cliniko after a set period of inactivity.

As you can see, this week (and last week) we’ve been big into account security and patient privacy. While these changes are being made for some upcoming features (to be announced soon!), they should benefit anyone who wants to keep their account (and their patients’ confidentiality) safe and secure! :sparkles::closed_lock_with_key:

As always, have a fabulous weekend, and we’ll catch you next time! :wave: