Cliniko This Week - Assign Services to Businesses, Appt. Labels, Business ID in Exports, and more!


If you haven’t caught up on changes that took place in Cliniko, now is your chance :raised_hands::tada:! In this episode of Cliniko This Week, I’m going over:

  1. The new ability to assign services to specific business locations
  2. Addition of the Upcoming Appointment label
  3. Faster maps in Online Booking
  4. Last Visited Business ID in Patient Data Exports
  5. Patient Arrival notification includes First and Last Name again
  6. Change to how we handle creation of Treatment Notes for merged patients

If you missed previous updates, we got you covered :muscle:! Check out the complete list of our other Cliniko This Week videos.

Full Video Transcript:

It’s another day, another week, which means another chance I get to spend with you!

Hello Cliniko friends and family it’s Rachel from the Cliniko Team here and I’m going to go over this week’s changes, updates, fixes, and more that took place! The big release this week in Cliniko is you can now offer specific services at specific clinics!

We’ve also updated the maps displayed in Online Booking so that it loads faster for your patients, added labels to appointments to indicate what it’s upcoming, added Last Visited Business ID within Patient Data exports, updated the patient arrived notification to include first and last name again, and removed the ability to create Treatment Notes for merged patients.

Let’s break this all down and take a look at these updates in this episode of Cliniko This Week!

First let’s talk about the new feature! You can now assign services to specific Businesses! This helps immensely if a Practitioner works at multiple locations but only offers specific services at each location. Before we would offer all Appointment Types or services the Practitioner offered across all their locations. So while you can still assign services to Practitioners you’ll now see the option to also assign services to Businesses.

To do this, you can either assign the service to a location via your Appointment Type settings or Business Information settings.

First make sure you of course have multiple locations. Within Appointment Type Settings, select the Service you’d like to update.

You’ll then see a section to choose the businesses that provide this service. Once completed, make sure to save your appointment type changes.

Alternatively, if you head to Business Information within your Settings, you can edit each one and select the services from here as well. Now when patients go to Online Booking, patients will only see the services you’ve selected for each location.

This has been a highly requested feature so we hope this helps!

Next, we have another update related to Online Bookings.

We’ve updated the maps behind the scenes so maps not only load faster but your Online bookings page in general would load faster. You shouldn’t notice any changes visually but if you did have an issue where the map wasn’t properly loading before and showing you an error, that has been fixed!

Moving on, we’ve added a new label to Appointment’s within a Patient’s File. When viewing the Appointments list for a Patient we’ve now added an Upcoming Appointments label. That way at a glance you can quickly see what future appointments a patient has!

Our final changes are also related to Patients. First, when merging a patient we have now removed the ability to add new Treatment Notes to the old patient file.

To explain, when you merge a patient we essentially transfer the information over to one main File but the remaining or now old file is still available but is archived and can’t be seen in the Patient List.

As I mentioned last week, if you start a Treatment Note, then merged a patient, we now will save to the newly merged file once you Save the Treatment Note you were working on. Once saved though, if you happen to be viewing the old patient file, you’ll now be prevented from further creating new Treatment Notes.

So if you see that the patient has been merged and are unable to create a Treatment Note, you’ll want to make sure you’re viewing the new file that had all the information transferred to.

Our second Patient related update is to our Patient Arrival notifications. When a patient is marked as arrived, Practitioners will see a pop-up on their screen. It was only displaying the first name of the patient but we’ve changed this back to display both First and Last name again.

The final update was to our patient Data Export.

When exporting patients we now have a column displaying the Business ID of the Last Business Visited. This is especially useful if the names of your Businesses are the same but are technically different locations. So the Business ID will help identity the Business making it easier for Reporting.

And that is it for this week’s changes! As always I’m so thankful that you continue to watch every week! So, I promise to be back next week with more updates, changes, fixes, and more!

Until then, have a good one Cliniko Family! Bye :wave:!


I Love how we can split it down but how can i view all my appointments on the same page?