Cliniko This Week: Appointment notes, unstuck data exports, and more!


Oh heeeeey friends! :wave: You can probably guess what this is about, being that the title is Cliniko This Week, so, yeah…it’s time for Cliniko This Week! :dancing_women:

So, yeah…there’s some cool stuff to report this week. Super-duper cool, in fact! So, let’s get right into it (and Rachel’s going through it, too!).

  • You can add notes that appear on all appointments for a patient! :tada: These are best utilised for administrative information, and can be seen by anyone who’s accessing the calendar. There’s a whole bunch of information over here!
  • You can send group SMS messages to all patients that have an upcoming appointment!
  • The “Patients” page now includes which page number you’re on—this will be handy for anyone who’s looking to quickly skip to a particular page!
  • We fixed a lil’ bug that was causing the Facebook online bookings integration to jump back to the beginning, rather than save the appointment. :grimacing:
  • We also fixed an issue that was causing large data exports to get stuck, which is no fun. :-1: They should no longer be getting stuck!

Thanks for reading! :books: As usual, if you have any questions on anything, our support team is here to help. :muscle: We’ll see you next time for another round of Cliniko This Week! :raised_hands:


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