Cliniko This Week: Ability to email payment receipts, confirmation when updating an email address, and more!


Hello, hello! :wave: Somehow it’s the end of March (:scream:), and here we are again with another installment of Cliniko This Week! :hugs: We have a loooong list of updates, so sit down with a cuppa! :tea:

  • If you use the Medipass integration, you can now send SMS payment requests to patients who aren’t yet on Medipass. (The patient will need to have at least one mobile number on file!)
  • If you have no treatment note templates in your account, we now display a nicer-looking page. (It has a picture! And pictures are prettier than bland-looking text!)
  • We made some behind-the-scenes improvements that help certain parts of Cliniko load faster (like the appointments page!). :muscle:
  • There’s an added confirmation step when updating your email address (or that of another user on your account). This helps to ensure that email addresses are being entered correctly!
  • We fixed a bug :bug: that was causing clinics who did not offer group appointments to display the “Group appointments” tab in online bookings.
  • We also fixed a bug :spider: that was causing memo communications to get shortened if they included < and > in the text.
  • The online bookings pie chart in the appointments marketing report was including unavailable blocks—say whaaaaat?! That’s been cleaned up! :soap:
  • We made a lil’ update to how patient appointment notes are merged (if you’re merging two existing patients together). They’ll get merged from the “first” version of the patient, into the “second” (and only existing, post-merge) version of the patient.
  • You can email payment receipts to patients! :raised_hands: This is just like emailing an invoice…but it’s a payment receipt!

Okay, that was a lot of updates! Takes deep breath. We’re pretty happy to be ending March on a high note :musical_note:, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store in the coming months.

Until next time! :wave:


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Great updates, you guys are always improving this wonderful software. It’s probably important to note that except in rare cases, it is a breach of the Health Records Act (Vic) to email health information. This includes the emailing of receipts and invoices. This new capacity from Cliniko needs to be coupled with the capacity for encryption (eg like Argus) when sending, or we can’t use it, legally.