Cliniko This Week: A whole lot o’ bug fixes


This past week has been chock full of stuff that’s not totally visible to the naked eye—bug fixes! :bug: We release updates to Cliniko nearly every day, and while many of them are pretty obvious, some are totally behind-the-scenes (which help to keep Cliniko running smoothly!). This was one of those “mostly behind the scenes” weeks—and here’s what we go up to!

  • The Autocomplete function is now disabled on the “My details” page (where you’d go to update your personal information). This is similar to how Autocomplete is now also disabled on patient pages.
  • We fixed up some bugs that were causing small issues on the calendar, including a display issue on Firefox and an issue with adding patients to group appointments.
  • We also fixed an issue with external calendars—for some people they weren’t loading properly, but this has been resolved! :raised_hands:
  • Finally, there was a quirky little thing that prevented patients from being deleted if they’d ever had an appointment with a now-inactive practitioner. It’s—you guessed it—fixed!

We hope you have an excellent weekend—we’ll see you next time! :wave: