Cliniko This Week: A new place for connected apps, updates to how patient phone numbers display, and more!

Happy almost-weekend! :sunglasses: We’ve been pretty busy with some fun stuff over the past couple of weeks (one of those things being the Australasian Podiatry Conference in Adelaide!). Let’s just dive :swimming_woman:right into it, shall we?

  • Connected apps can be linked up directly with Cliniko (as long as the app in question has set up a special URL for you to add into your Cliniko account), allowing you to open your patients’ details right in the other program—handy for quickly moving between two systems! (Note, though, that Physitrack is currently the only connected app who has set up the URL to add into Cliniko—we hope to see more, though!)
  • The buttons for creating new appointment reminder templates had decided to take a little hike and weren’t showing up. We made those visible again! :sweat_smile:
  • If a patient has not had an appointment and you’re sending them a letter, then “Email from” field no longer defaults to the user email address. Instead, it defaults to the business email address.
  • The patient list now displays the type of phone number next to their actual number! This will make it easier to know whether you’re calling someone on their mobile, or at home or at the office. :telephone_receiver:
  • We clarified some of the verbiage that shows up when you’re prompted to enter your password—it’s now clearer that you’ll need to enter your current password.
  • If a clinic only offers one category of appointment types, the online bookings page for that location will properly display all the appointment types within that category (previously, they were collapsed, and the person viewing would have to expand the list to view what was available).
  • If you merge duplicate patients, their wait list entries will also be merged. (This hadn’t been happening before, which was resulting in some weirdness!)
  • If you’re integrated with Xero, your list of synchronised invoices now has its very own page (rather than a pop-up window)!

Here’s to having a great weekend, all! Next week we’ll be spending a few days in sunny Brisbane for Speech Pathology Australia’s National Conference :sun_with_face:, and we’ll see you on the flip side!