Cliniko This Week: A better way to record discounts in Xero, changes to Business placeholders, and more!


We are BACK and ready to take on 2019! :tada::muscle::star_struck:We hope that you all had a splendid holiday season—our team definitely did, though we’re pumped to be resuming a normal routine. We cannot wait to get into what we hope will be a really awesome year!

We’re getting cracking already, and despite the holidays, our stellar development team has released a few nifty changes over the past couple of weeks!

  • We fixed some spacing issues that were showing up in the business address if a patient added appointment details to their Google Calendar via the attached .ics file that is included with appointment confirmation emails. Now, well, that address looks normal! :+1:
  • We’ve added some behind-the-scenes changes that will make it easier to track changes made to payments. :raised_hands: This means that if you need to ask our support team for any assistance regarding a payment’s digital paper trail, we have better tools to help out!
  • If you’re integrated with Xero, you’ll notice a change to how discounts are handled. Discounts will now display as unique line items on an invoice in Xero. This is a welcome improvement from the previous way it was handled, which would often cause rounding issues on the invoice (and ain’t nobody got time for that!).
  • If you’re creating a letter and using any of the {{Business}} placeholders, we will now include the patient’s most recently visisted business as the details for that placeholder—even if the business is archived!
  • We made some behind-the-scenes changes to how SMS messages are sent—these changes will help to improve SMS deliverability!
  • Data imports can now be deleted by YOU (again!). We had to disable this feature several months ago, as it was causing some not-so-nice side effects (AKA…Cliniko would occasionally slow to a screeching halt :neutral_face:). But! Those days are behind us, and if you’re an Administrator and it’s been under 48 hours since that import, you once again have the powers to delete imports. :muscle:

That’s it for our first episode of Cliniko This Week in 2019! We can’t wait to show you all what we have in store for the year. But, as a wise Jedi Master once said, patience you must have—because all good things take time! (Okay, Yoda didn’t say that last bit, we did. And probably like a million other people. And maybe even Yoda? It probably happened. :nerd_face:)

We’ll see you on the flip side for next week’s episode of Cliniko This Week! :wave: