Cliniko - the Hub of Patient Communications


Our practice has a telehealth component.

Following an appointment request, we need to be able to provide our patients with a “Meeting room key” to access the Zoom based consult.

To ensure Cliniko remains central to our patient communications, we would like the ability to “resend” an appointment confirmation - with information in the notes section. ie. “Meeting room key”

Alternatively, be able to create a Cliniko communication, and email this to the patient.

Without this simple feature, Cliniko promotes a fragmented approach to “Clinic to Patient or Patient to Clinic” communication.

If you agree that Cliniko should take the high ground, and become more central in the relationship then please LIKE

ps. Cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions have been doing this for years. Here is a an example -

  • you can communicate through the CRM platform, and the communication appends to the patient file
  • you can email (and add a specific email address) and this ends up being captured and filed by the CRM
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Hi @NZFCS, most probably we at can help you with all of these. Please have a chat with us in the website.