Cliniko pro's and cons...(we really want to go live, but...)


We have just trialled Cliniko for the past month or so after being sick of a server based PMS which seems a bit clunky and aged…We came to Cliniko after some good recommendations and were hopeful that it might meet our needs.

Pros (what we liked)
• Fast and easy access, lovely web interface
• Fairly simple, intuitive to use
• Great web appointment functionality
• Interfaces with other programs such as Xero, Mail Chimp, Physi track…

Cons (where it’s lacking)
• No DVA/ Medicare interface functionality (critical)
• No email encryption (critical- doesn’t meet AHPRA digital standards)
• Can only have 1 extra contact email per client
• No “episodes of care” function (eg. client has a private and workcover concurrent episodes)
• Some limited report functions (eg. reporting certain billable items only)
• No body chart (seriously!)
The “chat” function is pretty good, but still not as good as being able to talk to a person on the phone. I notice that some of these limitations have been on the discussion / feature requests for a while.

In summary Cliniko has a nice user interface, particularly on the Clinician and customer side, however it is lacking in a number of “back end” functions which will significantly reduce efficiencies on the admin side…a game killer for us at this stage. :slightly_frowning_face:

So in the end, at this point, I’m sorry to say that Cliniko is not quite at a standard where we are able to jump on board as much as we would love to…I will be keen to watch and see if Cliniko develops in some of these key areas over the next year…and we will then gladly jump aboard…


A huge con is that it can’t integrate with Quickbooks. A lot of double entry.


Thank you for the detailed feedback and sorry to not comment here sooner. I just wanted to update that Body Charts are now live in Cliniko. Body charts have arrived! 🎉

You mention plenty of other valid features that we do need. We’ll get there.