Cliniko does not update client's emails automatically. But it should

Hey guys, I just booked myself in with our health partners here in the building who also use Cliniko. This was not my first time with them, but as I booked from a different computer, I had to enter my details in again, in this case mobile and email. Like most people i have more than one email account and used a personal one instead of my work one whic I probably used on my first visit with them. Even though i had entered my personal email, the Osteo’s confirmation email was sent to my work email, and that made me wonder, what happens with my cients who no longer work at a certain place but first created their file at my practice using a work email for instance, but then in the future they book with us with a new work address or personal address and they may not receive confirmations or reminders simply because Cliniko will not replace the file with new email address. Thoughts? Maybe creating a field for a secondary email, or even give clients access to a personal account where they can always see their personal details and update them in case something changes, like your gas bill, rewards cards etc