Cliniko/ Dataplayer Integration (Data Visualisation and Reporting platform)

Hello Cliniko community! :blush:
We are Datataplayer, the data visualisation and reporting platform that can offer you intelligent insights.
The product offers the possibility to automate external and internal reporting and make data analytics simple and accessible. Showing a bigger picture of how your clinic is doing through:

  • KPI tracking.
  • Business Overview.
  • Growth spots.
  • Internal Performance.
  • Financial Health Check.
  • Customer Analysis and Lifetime.
    And much more, you can check them out here.

We can reflect where your clinic is heading, how engaged your patients are with your business, how well your practitioners are performing etc. The setup process is quite easy since it only requires the Cliniko API key. We connect with other data sources as well and offer a 2-week trial option.
Reach out to us to get started and let us know here for any further questions!