Cliniko, CliniqApps and Website enquiries

I’m hoping someone can help, we currently use Infusionsoft for our enquiries from our website prior to them becoming patients. We don’t use any app to integrate the two but were looking at using CliniqApps instead of Infusionsoft - their only let down is that they don’t communicate with prospective patients, they have to have a current patient profile on Cliniko.

Has anyone got any suggestion on how we can solve this problem so that we can cancel Infusionsoft? Or are we better off using someone like ClinicKonnect to bridge the cliniko gap instead?


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Hi Cornwall physio,

It’s difficult to answer your question without knowing a bit more about what your goals are and what your budget is. The problem with using integrations between booking software and crm is that each person gets added and so it makes your list large and increases your costs very quickly. But if you are not communicating with all of those clients and making money from it then it just costs a fortune for nothing.

Clinc konnect seems to integrate with infusionsoft, but I don’t know enough about it to comment properly.

A couple of suggestions

Use a google form to capture your leads from your website turn on the option in the settings for the responses to go to a google sheet. Then create a zap that adds new contact in mailchimp (or email responder of your choice) when the google sheet is updated. That triggers a campaign going out. This version is free but has limitations. In mailchimp on the free account you get one audience, but you could use this just for new leads only.

The second option starts out the same

Google form to google sheet and then a zap that sends an email to your gmail account so you know you have a new lead. Manually add each person to cliniko and put in a tag to their profile such as #new lead

Run an automation in clinqu apps that includes #new lead hashtag and they get a set sequence of emails, sms etc that you want to send to them.

What is a Zap? The company Zapier connects thousands of software together to automate tasks and these connections are called Zaps. You can have a free account with them for 5 zaps. I highly recommend that you create a free account and subscribe to their newsletter. I’ve been reading it for about 5 months and now I finally have an automation mindset and have been implementing automations in our clinic. There is a lot you can do but it takes a while to get your head around it.

I am in two minds out cliniq apps myself. The advantage is that you can do a lot of segmentation of clients in cliqu apps and therefore send very specific info. Such as an automation for a particular condition using the hash tag idea, or a specific treatment or a combination of things. But it is not really easy to work out, you have to sit with it and make use of their support.

However they don’t charge you per contact, but per practitioner. If you are adding leads all the time other programs get really expensive quickly. We’ve used them to automate the sending out of our forms and cut down what we were spending on that by a lot. But like any software you only get your moneys worth if you use it to its full capacity and that means spending time learning, experimenting and asking their team what is possible.

I hope this helps!

Good luck