Cliniko client detail updates carried over to MailChimp



I have noticed that when clients details are updated in Cliniko, these changes are not automatically carried over to MailChimp. If this feature already exists and there is some way of activating it please advise. Otherwise it would be very helpful have.



That should be happening! What sort of detail isn’t automatically going over to mailchimp?


Hi Jim
Change of either name and/or email in Cliniko doesn’t seem to automatically go over to MailChimp


I just did a test on my end and it looks like it should be automatic as Jim mentioned. You may need to reset your MailChimp Integration settings or API Key in order to get the sync working again. If you email us or head to Help → “Chat with us” in your Cliniko account, we can walk you through that process. Just mention that your List isn’t updating in MailChimp anymore and we’ll get you sorted :smile:!