Cliniko Calendar is Not Practical

Please can you enable me to make appointments in my cliniko calendar that are not directly with the patient. For example add contacts to cliniko and then set up meetings with them too. There are a lot of appointments I have that are not directly with a patient.

If I just save them as unavailable I don’t know what the are for. no appointment confirmation is sent out to the others invited to the meeting. If I add in notes of unavailable what its for then this does not show when you synchronise your cliniko calendar to your phone.

please make it also possible for me to use my cliniko calendar when I am on the go. it does not synchronise well with my iPhone. patients addresses do not show so I do not know where I am going. all other appointments that are not with a patient just say unavailable and nothing more.

this all means cliniko calendar is not practical since you have to run other calendars in conjunction with it to operate and this is very confusing. The cliniko app also does not show the calendar when I’m on the go :frowning:

Please update this to the modern day.


many thanks

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AGREE! It would be great if you could add personal appointments and add what they are about on the fly! And, please add monthly view as well.

Or even an appointment for an MDT meeting or add a supervisor or other HCP to your contacts and book in a meeting with her to discuss a patient. I do lots of meetings and appointments that are not necessarily with the patient themselves. But yes personal appointments makes sense too. It is so confusing to have more than one calendar.
Monthly view too would be great. And when you view calendar on your phone can I see a full week even, or a full day. On the iPhone I see only a part of three days.
Thanks a lot guys.