Cliniko App that would allow patients to message us

It would be so great if Cliniko had an app that patients could download that would allow them to message us securely. Then the message could automatically be stored in the notes as a consultation record. At the moment I have patients whats apping me all the time which isn’t ideal. I would actually be willing to pay extra for this!


Yes!! Takes ages updating the comms tab when a patient messages or emails. Must be a way to do this

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Yes! again! I would like an app that is a patient portal - making messaging and viewing of selected info possible for the patient - we would also like to be able to message each other about a patient within Cliniko rather than through less secure email

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I’d definitely pay a small subscription fee for an extension of this app. We currently use WhatsApp and it’s mind-boggling!
And perhaps something with deep integration with Slack as well would be AMAZING!