Cliniko App Development?


It would be perfect if I were able to access my Cliniko account on my mobile through an App. Can I request this as a future area of development please,
Best regards, Victoria


Hi @OsteoVictoria! The good news is, we’re highly considering developing an App for Cliniko!

At the moment, I recommend adding Cliniko to your home screen so that you can access it in the same way you would an app! Here’s a guide outlining how to get that set-up on your mobile phone.

We recently updated Cliniko so that it works on all screen sizes but again an app may be in our future area of development :raised_hands:!


Almost 4 months after your message @OsteoVictoria and we are also still wondering: “When is Cliniko going to offer an App for us and our clients?”
@rachel , do you guys have someone looking at developing an app at the moment? If not, is there a way we can make this public to the world so someone can approach Cliniko and develop one for you guys given you have so many other priorities? It’s just taking so long… :frowning:
Such an amazing software, so many customers around the world, and no one has an alternative?
I hear Zenoti is going to launch a “beta version” for smaller “enterprises”. Is Cliniko aware of this? They seem to have it just right. I wish I also knew how to develop apps.
Let’s get clients to enter their credit card details to book a spot!!! No pre-charges, just capturing their details through a payment gateway like Stripe or Paypal.
You order food online and they ask for your credit card, you order Uber and it’s the same, you book flights, hotels, all the same approach. And week after week me and my therapists lose money…
When can we have a solution for this??


You should definitely have a mobile/ipad/tablet app FOR SURE that incorporates body diagrams and other drawing features.


Sorry for the delay in a response, @SDT! It looks like I wasn’t initially notified of your reply but still wanted to address your questions :raised_hands:!

With ANY software development, it’s not always easy to say “we’ll have “X” feature out by “X” date”. While we still plan on developing an App at some point there isn’t a solid ETA. Development can take weeks, months, or even years depending on the scope (i.e. creating Body Diagrams from scratch for example involves Treatment Notes, Security, Permissions, versioning, exporting, templates, uploads, graphic design, cross-device compatibility, testing & re-testing, UI design etc.) and our current focus (i.e. GDPR is currently our focus since it affects privacy & security and is required by law to implement – with strict penalties if we do not comply).

Since Mobile Development essentially requires us to develop Cliniko from scratch and ensure that it works on all mobile devices (including all supported devices across Android & Apple), this means it may be months or years till we get a finished product.

That said, in terms of outside development, we have Cliniko available via a public API, which allows any 3rd party developers to create something that will work directly with Cliniko. In fact, we’ve already had 3rd parties create mobile apps that work with Cliniko (i.e. Cliniq Apps). Developers though are ultimately in charge of what’s included in those apps. Also when a 3rd party develops something there is NO guarantee that they will be around forever to continue support & development. We’ve had additional 3rd parties who’ve created integrations but then shut down or stopped support for various reasons.

So while outside development is already available and mobile apps already exist, the long-term goal is to build something in-house – with the emphasis that it’s fully supported and developed by our team so we can offer the best experience for you and your clinic.

With that, it does mean it will take time. We hope you understand :blue_heart:!

Finally, when it comes to integrating with a Payment Process (i.e. Stripe) we don’t have any immediate plans currently but that is something that we plan on working on at some point.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can add a link to your confirmation emails so that patients can make a payment through your favorite payment portal (Paypal, Stripe, etc.) but there isn’t currently a way for Cliniko to check and make sure a payment was made so you would have to enforce it manually.

I hope this covers everything but if you have any more questions send me an email at :smiley:.


Hi Rachel, thank you for your detailed email.

I totally understand your team’s situation and apologise if I was too pushy earlier in my post.

I caught up with a friend who is a tech specialist and app developer and she was the one who helped me change my Terms of Use using red font and bullet points. She basically worked on the CSS and the trick worked.

Would be nice to see that sort of feature for us to edit text on Terms of Use to reinforce cancellation policy, which was the reason why I got so frustrated in the past.

I tried merging to another system called Bookeo and it was only on my third day of use (while still taking payments on cliniko) that she pointed out how bad their booking system was. The reason why i chose to use them was because they have the payment gateway option, but too bad for them, the software was too old school and not user friendly on mobile phones.

Sonya then taught me how re-educating customer behaviour can help avoid bad interactions and minimise cancellations. The trick seem to have worked, but, obviously, we still get clients not showing up sometimes even though they have clicked on the new “i accept” etc. All we can do is to invoice them and hope for the best. obviously, they never pay and thankfully never come back. But, still, we make a loss. You understand, i’m sure.

We have been able to grow by about 95% in the last financial year and sales are still growing. As a business owner I still make money, but I feel sorry for my therapists when their clients don’t show up, as they work on a commission basis, not a salary.

I can see how much Cliniko has improved in the last 2 years and I’m excited to know that there will be more to come. I will hold on tight hoping that you guys can get this app happening soon, I know it’s a wave coming, we are all heading in that direction, and given Medipass is kinda like an introduction to whats next to come, it probably won’t take long until this is a reality. Fingers crossed.

But, if other options on the market come sooner, like Zenoti promises to (they said summer this year - US of course), then I will probably be quite tempted.

Anyway, thanks again for getting in touch and let’s see how things go.

Enjoy your weekend.


I have been canvassing for this for ages, great points… I think it should be outsourced as well if they can’t do it as it’s bread and butter


It’s time to change with the times or else you’ll be left behind. With everyone having a smart phone nowadays, surely you envision accommodating the people’s undying request - and sooner rather than later.

It’s 2018. Pay the money to build an app. You keep mentioning the safari shortcut but that doesn’t cover all bugs and issues. I have trouble every time I want to input a client or unavailable block and have to resort to doing t via computer. When that’s not always available it can be very frustrating, especially if I need to close off a slot quickly.

Please please have the foresight to do something about this. It’s so long overdue!


Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out today - we appreciate that the way of the world is Apps, and we’re definitely considering how we’d like to tackle that space long term. I don’t have any firm direction to share with you today, about whether we will decide in favour of the app, but do know it’s a hot topic of discussion amongst the team right now.