Cliniko API - Passing Session Data

Good day, I’m new to Cliniko. I want to know if there is a way one can pass patient data into a practitioner’s booking process without asking the patient to enter their details. See practitioner booking URL below.

I have looked at the Cliniko API, but I can’t seem to see a session token, I was hoping there was a session or something I could pass through.


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Hi @Alphaleo14 , your best place for API questions is our API Google group. You can ask your question there and our developers will be able to see it and respond to you.



Thanks Matt, I have joined the group and have posted my question there.

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Hi @Alphaleo14 ,
I saw your requirement and it seems possible to achieve this integration wherein you can pass your patient data into a booking process.

Do let me know if you would like to understand how we can achieve this & your challenges. I am happy to discuss!

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